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What time do I put on the invites?
I would suggest that you invite the kids to come along at least 30 mins before the start of my magic show.
Indoors or Outdoors?
Personally, I think outside under the patio or pergola is best, that way if the kids spill their drinks then you can hose it off later.  It depends on the weather and your décor too, if it’s raining then your lounge is fine.  My rule is no food or drinks during the kids magic show, that way there is no mess on your nice carpet.
How much room do I need?
I just need 1.5m x 1.5m for my magic show.   You also need to consider the room that the kids and the parents need.  Kids are happy on the floor or grass so make sure you have a rug for them.
Do I take deposits?
No, I don’t take deposits.  Full payment is far easier for everybody. If you wish, full payment in advance is can be made, otherwise full payment on the day is the preferred method.
Do I take plastic or credit card?
No, I don’t have these facilities.  I only accept cash, cheque or EFT payments.
Do I offer discounts?
A discount of $50.00 is offered for those making bookings for weekday magic shows.  Another incentive to have a weekday party is free balloon figurines for the kids.  Please note I do not offer balloon figurines on the weekends.
Do I have Insurance? Do I have a Blue Card?
Yes, I do.  My insurance cover is 20 million dollars which allows me to perform in any shopping centre here in Australia.

You can find both of these documents in the yellow box on the left side of this website.

How many kids?
Most backyard parties have around 15 kids but I have entertained for 600 kids too.

Vacation cares sometimes hold massive carnival days, where they invite other kids from other services to have fun on their school holidays.
School fetes are huge as well imagine all the kids on the oval screaming and laughing at you it a wonderful feeling hahaha.

I was the only roaming entertainer hired to entertain the huge crowd of 170 000 people during the opening of the 2nd Gateway bridge.